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Is Concrete the right choice?



No two casts are the same

Concrete is handmade by us. At Cast & Polish we take pride in creating perfect pieces for our customers and understand the importance of choosing the right product, finish and color for you. With our concrete the possibilities are endless, no matter what shape, size, colour or texture you desire. The casting process is bespoke to individual projects with no two casts are the same. Your project will be one of a kind and special to you.


Passionately handmade or machined and mass produced?

Concrete can be moulded, poured and trowelled into any shape unlike rigid machined products such as granite and marble, which take millions of years and a mix of pressure, heat and minerals. We create individual products with hand tools, hard work and a lot of passion. Concrete has its own bespoke nature that cannot be compared. It has its own individual marks and imperfections that make the product unique. Customers who prefer this finish may choose our authentic range that highlights the rustic look concrete can offer. However, if a more uniform look is more to your liking, we also offer smooth and marble effect finishes. Our range of finishes can be found here.



Hard wearing and stain free

Using only the best raw materials and top of the range concrete sealers available to us, we produce a high quality concrete product. When we compare 'living with concrete' to other options, such as granite and marble, the most important difference is that concrete is porous and will change with time, similar to real hardwood worktops. This creates an enriched and ever changing product that is true to the properties of concrete, making the product totally bespoke. We advise a fortnightly application of wax and supply a concrete protection pack to enhance and protect the finish of your concrete. Our tests show that our concrete and sealers can withstand staining to most common kitchen liquids for prolonged periods of time but it is always advisable to clean standing liquid off the surface as soon as possible. 


What we can offer

At Cast & Polish we want to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your choice of concrete. Through our ‘living with concrete trial’, customers are able to experience what having concrete in their home is like on a day to day basis. To find out more, contact us via our contact page and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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