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Dan Williams (left), Gareth Mathias (right)


The Company was founded in late 2019 with a combined 10 years of experience in the industry, working previously for an established concrete manufacturing company. We work directly with clients and designers to create bespoke flawless concrete products. Our passion, hard work and eye for detail will ensure a product we are proud to create and our customers will love every time. 




At Cast & Polish we work with clients and designers on a personal level to create exactly what is required by the customer. After an initial enquiry is made about a product, a member of the team will initiate a consultation to discuss design ideas and important projects details such as price, time scales and expectations. This can be done through a face-to-face meeting at our showroom, on the phone or via email. We always like to invite clients to come and see our products and samples. This provides you with the opportunity to see how it all works at our showroom and manufacturing unit. However, we also understand this isn’t always possible. To see our range of products, visit the Products Page or visit our Contact Page to start your exciting concrete journey. 



This is the final stage of production when your concrete leaves us at Cast & Polish and it makes its way to you. We offer an installation service but can also arrange a courier to safely deliver your bespoke concrete to you. We are also happy for customers to collect directly from us if that is preferable. On completion of your order you will also receive a concrete protection pack and helpful guidelines to help maintain your polished concrete product.



This is where the final touches are done to perfect the concrete. Using hand polishers, each piece of concrete is lovingly refined to give it its desired style.

Once the required look is achieved, all our concrete is carefully sealed using a food safe water-based sealer. This ensures a quality product and prevents staining. For more info on maintenance check out the Living with Concrete Page



Using different combinations of additives in our mixes, we offer a range of finishes and colours. Our worktops are made up of layers of mix that is reinforced with glass fibre and strengthening bars to offer a strong, stylish and bespoke product.



Everything we make is handmade and built in our workshop before being delivered or installed. Due to the nature of our products we allow a +/- 1mm tolerance to ensure that your finished product fits perfectly into your space and is completely unique to you. We offer a templating service for awkward shapes and sizes and can also build your product from structural drawings. This can be discussed in more detail during an initial consultation.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our promise:

At Cast & Polish we are doing as much as possible to help the environment. We minimise waste and reuse materials to their full potential. For example, we use strips of wood and plastic to build our moulds, they then are reused until no longer fit for purpose. At this point they are cut down to smaller pieces and used at another stage of building as blocks. We also reuse our waste water in our own water filtration system and collect rain water. 

To help reduce our C02 emissions we use local suppliers wherever possible. Some of our more specialised additives, although UK based, have to come from further afield but we are always looking to shop local and reduce emissions this way.

No mixed concrete is thrown away, we make our own small weights used in our casting processes with spare mix and even make small items such as coasters, door stops and plant pots with any left-over mix to avoid it going into landfill.

Our energy supplier has been selected by us on its green merits as 100% of the energy they provide is certified as being sourced from United Kingdom based wind and solar generators.  

We also offer an eco-cement alternative at a premium to customers wishing to do even more for the environment. We will continuously look to reduce our impact on the environment with options such as carbon offsetting and green material alternatives such as plant fibres.

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